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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find all the answer to frequently asked questions, but if there is a question you have that's not covered just email me at I'm a friendly helpful sort of guy, and you'll get a response quickly.

What do I get for my money?

A high resolution JPEG file at 3,000 x 3,000 which will work for your digital release on all the main services that you'll do your release on: Brandcamp, Distrokid, Soundcloud, etc.

Will this include artwork for physical releases such as CD or Vinyl?

No, it doesn't. Obviously there is a lot more work involved in getting work done for printing and as such it's extra time for me to design. And as the old adage goes: time is money. So if you need extra artwork for physical copies then please get in touch for pricing.

What if I want a branding but am not ready to release yet?

No problem - go ahead and buy it - I'll keep it on file for you. Then no one else can get it. And just come back to me when you're ready with your artist name and titles. But make sure you definitely want the design before ordering. Because once bought it's yours.

I see dummy text on there but can I have less or more text on the artwork and will it still to look good?

Yes, I will fit the design to whatever amount of text you give me. I always try and make something look as good as possible. And once I send it through, if you need changes, I work on it intil it's 100% perfect for you. Just tell me. I'm helpful and friendly.

Only three of the five artwork designs are suitable for my releases I want to brand. What can you do about that?

If you don't like the other two designs then they'll be wasted, I guess. Because I can't sell these to anyone else. So either buy just the cover you like and the other two from the Design Extra page at $50 each which will save you $20. And then if you need me to design other releases that you don't see on the order page then you can order those later at $50 each. But the extra $120 price is for the four extra artwork covers I've already designed.

I already have an artist logo, can you add that to an artwork?

No problem at all. But make sure you send that through as a PNG with alpha channel (i.e. transparent background), or as a Vector PDF, so I can definitely use it and make it work.

I want to change the designs (different fonts, colours, different elements on there), can you help?

Yes, I can make changes to artwork: font and colours of the font are easily changed. Different colours are sometimes easy. It depends. Changing the elements are more complicated. In any circumstance the best thing to do is to contact me and I'll give you a fair price. Please be as detailed as possible on your email.

Can I just have the image and put my text on myself?

This is a no from me. Because then you're not paying for a cover design, you're effectively using the site to find a good stock image. There's a simple solution if you want to go this way - go find a stock image from one of the major stock image sites yourself. I am selling finished artwork cover designs.

I only have two or three releases, not five. Do I have to pay the full amount for the other four covers, even though I might not need the others?

Yes you have to pay the full amount to get the extra four covers (the five pack) if you want to take advantage of the better pricing ($30 each). Otherwise they're $50 per cover. As I can't, and won't, sell these other covers to another artist.

I have six or seven releases, I want designed, with the same brand? Can you do it? How much is it?

When I design the fist covers I always do five but of course I can design more of these for you. I charge $50 per extra design I need to do.

I have fifteen or twenty releases I want branding. Is it still $50 for each?

If you have a massive amount of releases you want me to brand at the same time then I will consider giving you a better price than $50 each. Get it touch with me and we'll work something out.

I didn't go for the five pack of artwork covers but I've changed my mind, can I get them for the same price?

If you want the extra four covers now then they are $200, the better $150 pricing is only available at the time of the original order.

I just want one of the extra covers from a branding design, how much is it?

If you own that branding design and you're coming back later to pick up another artwork cover for a release then it's $50. You'll find that option on the Design Extras page.

If I order the artist branding what do I get for my money?

You'll get a pack of files that will work perfectly on the main places artists generally post their releases: Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube, Twitter. Click on any design from the front page and you'll see the list of exact files you get.

I don't want the Artwork Covers just the Artist Branding, can I order just that?

Normally the artwork is the start point for the branding. Everything is design to be tied together to give you a consistent look. So the answer to this is unfortunately no.

What if I need graphics for other places?

Sometimes the files I'll send through will be suitable to use elsewhere. Like the squared-up avatar file for example. Some of the headers might work elsewhere. But if some graphics need retooling in size for somewhere completely different there will be a cost associated with that work.

It's a few weeks later and I've changed my mind and I want the Artist Branding for Bandcamp / Soundcloud / YouTube / Etc. Can I still get it at the same price?

Unfortunately not, you'll have to order the extra things from the Design Extras page and it will come out more expensive. If you want to take advantage of the cheap prices you need to do it at the time of ordering your design.

How much input do I get if I order an Extra Artwork for a branding?

Let's be honest here, you might have a vision of what you want on a release but two things. One, it might not be right for the music, and I like to create something that works. And two, to match the branding and your vision we need to find the right source material to work from and a stock image might not exist that suits. It's always a balancing act between these things. I always work till you're 100% happy and always explain the thinking behind my choice. So it's a balancing act that I always try my hardest to make you happy and give you something that's well designed.

How do you design Extra Artworks?

The normal way I would go about this is getting some ideas from you, if you have any, and by you sending through the music for me to listen to. And then coming up with a single idea for you that matches the music and your branding.

What's the process for CD or Vinyl design?

When it comes to physical copies it's a lot different from designing something for screen. Each place where you might be getting the print done will always have different options, there are a number of different types of CD or Vinyl printing options from most places, do you want inlays? Is it gate-fold? Etc. Then on top of that each individual pressing / printing service will have it's own print specification that you need to adhere to. So although it's all doable, all these things need to be taken into consideration and each job needs to be costed individually. So get in touch and let's get the ball rolling.

Quick Branding Consultancy? How much information do I get?

The clue is in the name. Whether you want me to take a look at what you already have done, or to listen to the music and come up with some thoughts, I send through about 100 words of my thoughts and I'll be brutally honest with you. Anything less is doing you a disservice and would be unhelpful.

What if I don't like the names you come up with your Artist Naming Service?

Many things in life are subjective. And I guess this is one of them. But I try and come up with a list of ten names that are interesting and unique. If you disregard all of them that's your decision really. Nothing I can do about that but my end of the bargain has been upheld.

Why isn't the Spotify Artist Profile image included in the Artist Branding pack? And why is it $50?

I do include an avatar file for your picture with Spotify, but when it comes to the artist profile picture this is a little more complicated. Spotify has a number of strict rules with this and needs it in a certain format. So this work is basically me taking an artist photo and editing it into the right format and making it look interesting without breaking these rules. Of course, you could just upload any old photo of your band. Use this option only if you want me to edit your photo to match the branding and make it work.

Does YouTube Branding include Videos?

No. Video work takes an incredible amount of time to design. So the Youtube branding would include a correctly-sized static image to use as the background on videos, if you have ordered artwork covers from me. At present I'm not offering videos. This might be something I expand into at a later date.

Do you sell a Branding Design more than once?

I don't, no. Once I've sold a brand artwork then I remove it from my site and don't allow any other artists to choose it. So you know you're getting a design that's unique to you from me.

My music has taken a different direction and I feel that my branding isn't suitable any more, can I swap it out for another?

No. Once a branding is sold it's yours. So make sure that it is completely suitable for the purpose before purchasing. If you come back and want another branding, you will have to pay for that second set and discard the first. Otherwise I would have artists reserving brands and then swapping them out all the time. And once I sell it to you, I remove it from my site and that means I can't put it back on the website because people will think I'm trying to sell it twice. And that's more than my reputation's worth. So make sure you really want the design.

I have bought designs from you that I haven't used, can I have a refund?

Sorry, once you have purchased that cover I have taken it out of circulation, done all the work to mark it against you and remove it from my site, this all takes time and as such the simple answer is no. So if you think you might change your mind then do not purchase. All sales are final.

I no longer want the extra artwork covers that I bought, can I get a refund?

Sorry, again no. All artworks are associated with that certain branding and as such I can't sell to any other clients. So make sure you want all the cover if you're going for the five cover option.

Can I reserve a design without paying?

Sorry, no. I work on a first come first served basis. And this works by ordering that branding. So you have to pay if you want to reserve it.

Do I have to pay for the stock images as well?

Nope, that's included in the price.

Do you turn designs around within 48 hours even on weekends and holidays?

No, as I do have a life. I try my best to keep people happy. But patience is always a good look, so don't worry I'll get to your order eventually.

Are the stock photo images licensed?

Of course - they are indeed. You can sell or stream up to 500,000 copies of your music before you would need to purchase an extended licence for around $100 per image. But at that many streams or sales you'll probably have a record label come knocking that would pick up that tab.

I want a totally unique design, are the people / photos / illustrations unique to my branding?

In a word, no. At this price it would be impossible. What? I set up a photoshoot, pay a studio and a professional photographer and still have money left to make money at the price I charge? Impossible. So what I use to make my designs are stock images which are freely available from many stock image sites for any other designers / musicians to use. So no, I can't claim that the images won't be used elsewhere. What I claim is that I myself, as a designer will use that image just once. I won't re-use or re-sell a design to another artist. If you want something totally exclusive you'd be looking at thousands of dollars ... not the price I'm charging. The old adage applies here: you get what you pay for.

Can I have the layered Photoshop file to play with myself?

In short: no. Firstly I don't design on Photoshop, I design in a little-known, yet wonderful, vector app called Xara Design Pro. Secondly, it wouldn't work because you would not have the fonts and I can not send the fonts as this would be breaking the license. Also, it would also go against the stock image licensing, I can only sell final designs not stock images as part of a template. Sorry about that.

Do you have a mailing list I can join so I can keep up-to-date with new designs and advice articles you publish?

Indeed I do, you can sign up using the link at the top of this page. And everytime new designs go up you'll get notified. But I'm not the sort of person that sends out pointless spam type emails. You'll just get emailed when I have something important to say.