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Some Information About Me

Hi my name is David. And first and foremost I'm a music lover. I love most genres. I'm also a graphics designer and branding expert.

Over the years I've had my hand in many related business: I'm an architect who occasionally does freelance work; I've run a t-shirt shop of my own designs in Barcelona; I've designed thousands book covers for my friend's website

And now I'm creating Music Artist Branding for you! Which combines two of my favourite things.

I don't really enjoy talking about myself, but I am open to answer any question you ask. But I can tell you that I don't like to judge people (unless they're complete arseholes). I enjoy good conversations, reading, writing, drinking, eating. I love music. I love design. I fucking swear. And my beliefs I hear you ask? Well, I am a nihilist with feelings.

I'm originally from Cali, Colombia, but have lived in the exciting and fun, cultural city of Barcelona since 2000.

And have had my beard since 1994.